VKS Group

VKS Group is incorporated in Nigeria as a global construction company with over 39 years of experience completing challenging projects around the world since 1981. The Company currently has over 1,000 employees.

VKS is proud to have a long reference list of marquee clients. The Group has successfully completed numerous turnkey projects around the globe including residential, commercial and industrial buildings, highway construction and infrastructure works, factories as well as wastewater treatment plants.

VKS Group has also invested in two industrial projects, namely Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing Company Ltd. and Kings Flour Mill Ltd. Jubilee Syringe Manufacturing Company Ltd. (“JSM”), founded in 2016, is VKS’ first industrial investment in Akwa Ibom State. JSM is the largest manufacturer of disposable syringes in Africa with a capacity over 350 million syringes per annum. JSM has become a market leader in the Nigerian syringe manufacturing sector and will commence exporting its products to neighboring countries in 2022.

Kings Flour Mill Ltd. (“KFM”) is the second industrial investment of VKS Group that became operational at the beginning of 2020. KFM has a daily milling capacity of 500 tons per day and has already become the leading flour brand in South region of Nigeria.