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The Best Synthetic API SP Available in Nigeria

Xteer Gasoline G700 SP 5W30

Xteer Gasoline is the most advanced gaoline engine oil designed for premium cars with the latest technology.


  • It reduces deposit and sludge in turbocharged engines by more than 50%
  • It reduces deposit and sludge in engines and pistons
  • It reduces fuel consumption
  • It maximizes the engine performance in the toughest conditions


  • All premium gasoline vehicles
  • High performance cars with the latest engine technology
  • Suitable for all seasons

“PLEASURE” the emotion you can experience with HYUNDAI XTeer , based on HYUNDAI’s most advanced technology from KOREA representing the next generation of automobile lubricants.

Xteer Gasoline is the most advanced gasoline engine oil designed for premium cars with the latest technology. It meets the requirements of current advanced engine oil grade of API SP. It is optimized to provide outstanding protection and lubricity in all passenger gasoline car engines.

FeaturesSAE 5W30
Viscosity 40 °C59,86
Viscosity 100 °C9,94
Viscosity Index152
Flash Point °C201
Pour Point °C-42

What is API SP?


To ensure engine oils are certified to provide the added performance benefits required to meet the demands of modern engine technology including, engine downsizing, gasoline direct injection (GDI), turbocharging and gasoline particulate filters (GPFs) the American Petroleum Institute (API) announced the adoption of API Service Category SP, available for licensing on May 1, 2020.

Engine oils meeting the requirements of API SP will deliver several performance advantages versus current API SN and API SN PLUS categories for spark ignited internal combustion engines, including:

  • Low speed pre ignition (LSPI) mitigation throughout the drain interval
  • Engine and chain wear performance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Emissions system compatibility
  • Oxidation stability
  • Deposit control
  • Sludge and varnish protection

The development of API SP, as well as ILSAC GF 6A and GF 6B, was done over the course of seven years. In that time, seven new tests were developed, evaluated and measured for precision, and additive companies ran tests to demonstrate that oils can meet the more stringent requirements. Today, oil marketers are working to bring API SP engine oils to market to ensure current and future engines perform as designed.

API Passenger Car Specifications


What is ILSAC(*) GF 6?


To meet changing fuel economy and emissions standards, modern engine hardware has evolved and requires higher performing lubricants. Engine downsizing, turbocharging, gasoline direct injection (GDI or TGDI), variable valve timing, and the introduction of stop/start, hybrid and electric technologies mean GF 5 test simply do not measure up to the demands placed on modern lubricants.

The automotive industry’s recent licensing of the supplemental lubricant category API SN PLUS to mitigate low speed pre ignition (LSPI) observed in vehicles equipped with GDI engines is a start, but there are still more issues that require a better lubricant solution. The new ILSAC GF 6 will balance these equally important needs:

  • Fuel economy and fuel economy retention
  • Emission system compatibility
  • Engine oil robustness to protect engines from wear related to idle stop and failures related to LSPI and turbocharger depositing

This performance standard will include two separate specifications GF 6A to represent the existing ILSAC viscosity grades and GF 6B will be defined for 0W 16 viscosity grade oils only.

(*) International Lubricant Specification Advisory Committee